The significant role of HYBRID technology

Every day the demand for vehicles with hybrid technology is growing, therefore the need to study and train about it is becoming more and more important.

AutoEDU offers a great solution for didactic purposes – Toyota Prius II Hybrid Technology functional model. AutoEDU offers two versions of this model, the standard version of Toyota Prius II and the functional model in the Cabrio version.

These two functional models demonstrate the main components of the hybrid system and all the components such as engine, air conditioning system and others are fully functional. These models allow students to learn the components of the hybrid system, air conditioning system, ABS system, SRS AIRBAG system and etc. Also, it allows performing various measurements, tests, and other diagnostic procedures. The Cabrio version of the model allows making demonstrations for a larger group of students.

Additional and optional accessories such as a built-in measuring box with open contacts and wiring diagram for the engine control system, fault simulation for the engine control system, climate control, or SRS Airbag system can be integrated and installed at the request of the client.