Educational analogue tachograph

Analog tachographs with paper disc charts are still used in older trucks or other commercial vehicles.  As a result, there is still a demand for older generation equipment and both truck drivers and automotive technical subject students, as well as control authorities, must understand the operation of the analog tachograph, the operating modes, and requirements for the device, and the user.

AutoEDU offers a convenient solution – an educational analog tachograph with paper tacho discs for both truck drivers and car mechanics training.

The educational device, training analog tachograph is mounted in a lightweight aluminium case that is convenient for transportation and storage. The educational analog tachograph is based on the original tachograph and shows all modes of operation like the one that is mounted on the real truck. Educational aid depicts work modes on two tachograph discs. The changeable speed allows you to show driving mode and driving mode beyond the maximum allowed speed, which is fixed on the tacho disc.

AutoEDU can also offer digital educational tachographs with the cards and card reader in addition if it is needed.