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We know how the vehicles are made - AutoEDU

We know how the vehicles are made - AutoEDU

About AutoEDU Company

AutoEDU began the development and manufacture of automotive training equipment back in 2003. Since then, our product range has grown to include a wide range of automotive training equipment including, but not limited to:

  • Cars
  • Self contained trucks
  • Fully Operational Engines
  • Training Boards - Simulators
  • Functional Models
  • Cutaway Models
  • The whole range is geared towards vocational education and training.

This type of automotive training equipment plays a huge role in the education of students studying technical subjects. It allows them the opportunity to understand different operating processes, across a diverse range of automotive systems.

Our specially designed training equipment allows for the exploration of different sensors and actuators, as well as a number of other related devices. The different functions of these devices can also be explored.

There are many learning outcomes of using AutoEDU JSC manufactured equipment for training purposes, including:

  • Learning how to perform various measurements
  • Learning how to read and understand technical documentation
  • Learning about schematics
  • Learning about wiring diagrams
  • Learning about error codes
  • Learning about signal characteristics
  • Learning about diagnostic procedures
  • All AUTOEDU training equipment is based on OEM components. All systems are original, and components can only be simulated in exceptional circumstances.

The electrical signals and diagnostic procedures are simulated on working conditions, as in a real car, meaning that this range of automotive training equipment is as close as possible to working on a real vehicle. This, in turn, makes learning with AUTOEDU equipment more practical and effective for students.

The range of automotive training equipment from AutoEDU is manufactured to the customer’s bespoke requirements. In addition to this, various e-learning programmes are offered as training resources and teaching material. These come in the form of both theoretical and practical tasks, including exam content.

AutoEDU has a commitment to its customers beyond the point of sale, and staff are available for consultation, training, updates, supervision and repairs should this be needed further down the line.

Further products and services include specially designed equipment for driving schools, a range of cutaway models such as petrol or diesel working engines and wheel alignment training stands. Other products and services are available at the request of the customer.