Engine and gearbox trainers

Used vehicle engines or gearboxes are often used as teaching tools in educational institutions or in training repair services. In many cases teachers weld stands for particular engines or other units by themselves and that stand becomes an integral part of the unit which is utilized together after exploitation. For the next unit the stand frame is produced again. The engine or gearbox stand that is produced by AutoEDU has a universal bracket for different engine or gearbox models and in the end of the training process allows to utilize the unit separately. The stand will be used for other engine model or unit. The mechanical reducer is mounted on the stand and allows safely and comfortably rotate or flip an engine model at an angle of 360°. Properly selected gear ratio allows to rotate the engine model slowly and easy.

Under the dismantled engine there is a mounted stainless steel drain pan for collecting leaked oil or cooling fluid in order to avoid grease floor. Oil or other technical fluids can be collected and utilized as required by law.

Engine stand has four casters where two of them are swiveling and have brakes. It allows to push unit with an engine to another place or location. Also, the stand has four adjustable supports that can be used as additional brakes or can be aligned with respect to the uneven surface.

Under a separate request, we can produce special brackets for mechanical or automatic gearboxes that allow easy access for service or dismantle places, such as the primary shaft extraction, housing removing or other.