What is Electude?

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Electude is the creator of the world’s leading automotive e-learning solution. Used by thousands of schools, companies and governmental organisations in more than 50 countries, this is the gold standard in automotive learning software. Electude was founded in 1990 by two automotive instructors with a passion for developing automotive education. They demonstrated a new approach to the industry, creating solutions which provided unique and effective tools for automotive students.

How did they do this?

By making their version of automotive learning into an interactive and engaging experience that yielded highly efficient outcomes.
The use of gaming technology as the vehicle for delivering these outcomes was inspired, and the platform has improved year on year ever since.

Game Based Learning

There are numerous benefits to learning automotive mechanics via the kind of automotive learning games created by Electude. These include:

  • An innovative and advanced automotive e-learning curriculum
  • Game based technology that is engaging, motivating and exciting
  • Technology that retains user enthusiasm
  • The introduction and development of critical thinking and decision making
  • Everything an instructor needs to create, teach, track and test their students’ progress
  • A proven track record in more than 50 countries
  • Accessible anywhere and from any location, using a huge number of devices

Electude’s speciality is simulation based e-learning lessons, where students are pulled in and engaged by the unique 3D learning environment. This automotive gaming is actually an advanced form of automotive e-learning, but the ‘fun’ side of things should not be overlooked as this is what grabs the students’ attention. It’s all about learning by actively taking part automotive diagnostics and problem solving.

Instructors are able to assign, create, manage and grade lessons, exercises and tasks for their own automotive e-learning courses using Electude. As an added advantage, students can access these resources from anywhere at any time.

Why Electude?

  • Created specifically for automotive learners
  • Makes learning dynamic, effective, fast and much more fun
  • Completely aligned to NATEF, Lernfelder, IMI, City & Guilds, Europe areas and requirements
  • As technology changes, Electude adapts in real time
  • More cost effective than textbooks
  • The Electude Simulator allows for virtual fault-finding exercises
  • Online courses for instructors that count for continued Professional
  • Development hours

Designed for Automotive Students

With a curriculum that features hundreds of interactive lessons, the Electude online platform has been designed for today’s generation of automotive learners, replacing textbooks with this forward thinking and highly effective approach to learning.

Key features include:

  • Over 1,000 state-of-the-art interactive lessons, tests and simulations, 2-3 new module lessons added or updated weekly at no extra charge.
  • Learning management system that allows results tracking, testing and customising classes & courses.
  • The brand new Electude Simulator – Engine Management.
  • IMI and City & Guilds compliant.
  • Pre- and post-tests per subject.
  • Loved by students because it is based on gaming principles.
  • Budget friendly, with a range of affordable pricing options.

Discovery Based Learning

Game designers have worked with authors to create engaging game based learning journeys with improve learning retention and understanding. Guided Self Discovery is used through a combination of small interactive tasks and step by step learning processes. The result is an automotive e-learning environment that grabs the learner’s attention and gets results. Electude - www.electude.com

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